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Mining Indaba 2022: The 4D cinema

Anglo American

South Africa, United Kingdom

Mining Indaba is one of the most highly anticipated events in the industry, welcoming mining professionals from all over the world. The event is solely dedicated to the successful capitalisation and development of mining interests in Africa, with a unique and widening perspective of the African mining industry. 


After two years of COVID-19 restrictions and isolation, the closest people got to exhibitions was through a digital screen. Right up until the 28th Annual Investing in African Mining Indaba.


And with the historic and successful launch of Anglo American’s world’s first hydrogen-powered haulage truck just days before the event, we knew we had no choice but to keep the momentum. After all, delegates flew in from all over the world to get a real-time update on what’s new and what’s changed in the world of mining.

Anglo American is re-imagining mining to improve people’s lives. To tell the story of what it will take to ensure a sustainable future for all, we produced an 8-minute feature film titled Earth: Unlimited Possibilities, exclusively for the Mining Indaba’s first ever 4D cinema experience. The film outlined the key actionable points around the importance of the change needed. We developed and produced an innovative cinematic experience, projecting floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall 360-degrees around the audience. 

We told the story of a carbon-neutral future, and delegates left feeling inspired and more aware after learning how Anglo American is stepping up to set the pace in the fight against climate change.

Our planet is deteriorating fast, and the rapid change in climate is putting us in a deficit of clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food, and more.  


Yet, even with all those issues, the earth provides us with unlimited possibilities to adjust how we  
give back to it. 


The mining industry all over the world has the challenge of unearthing useful minerals for our benefit with the least amount of harmful fuel emissions to our planet. 


Being that Anglo American was the platinum sponsor for the 28th Annual Investing in African Mining Indaba, all eyes were on us to share the rollout of our highly innovative Sustainable Mining Plan to address climate change. 



The challenge was to keep the momentum from the recent historic and successful launch of the world’s first hydrogen-powered haulage truck. And ultimately to creatively educate delegates on Anglo American’s mission in mining for the future.

We need to ensure that this video is seen by not only the mining community at Mining Indaba but South Africa or even the world.

Our exhibition included its very own, first of its kind at any mining expo, 4D cinema. With this cinematic experience, we were able to innovatively captivate the audience as they learned about Anglo American’s impact. Delegates were treated to an 8-minute feature film titled “Earth: Unlimited Possibilities”, which was projected as a 180-degree viewing experience with cutting-edge 4D effects. 

We showed from 09:00 to 17:00 every day and welcomed thousands of delegates for a viewing of just over 300 shows in record time. With every viewing, delegates had the chance to enjoy a truly immersive cinematic experience with 4D effects such as mist, heat, smoke, wind, and scents. We captured Anglo American’s Sustainable Mining Plan in a sensory stimulating way that left our delegates with a memorable experience of the unlimited possibilities of our earth at an otherwise traditional mining event.

In the film, our visitors enjoyed a sensory experience that explored the development of our world-class nuGen Zero Emissions Haulage Solutions to curb and reverse the effects of climate change.

One of the key highlights at the Anglo American stand was the H-Table which consisted of a model representation of the Mogalakwena mine. We built functioning mini hydrogen trucks to showcase how hydrogen technology works and the science behind it. This feature on the stand attracted a large number of visitors.

The overall visual language was based on the concept of balance, the same balance that is central to mining’s sustainable future across innovation, environmental impact, and social contribution. Symbolic of the symbiosis and balance required for mining to continue to contribute and flourish. The oversized bulkhead took its shape from the bowl of a mining haulage truck, creating an impactful and standout display from all corners of the expo hall.  

The stand was created around the 4D cinema with additional touchpoints, activations, and gifts to ensure all delegates had the opportunity to learn more about how Anglo American is planning to change the future of mining.

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