Explanatory film: The story of Paul



Roche Diagnostics plays a leading role in many areas of cardiovascular disease by providing total IVD solutions across the cardiovascular continuum.

The cardiac branding campaign emphasized the importance of the diagnostics insulation in cardiac area and the impact on disease management. The cardiac branding campaign named Sharing hope is focused on strengthening Roche Diagnostics’ leadership in heart failure and generating awareness of NT-proBNP. This new marketing initiative highlights the emotional journey that patients and physicians face in heart failure, and the contribution of NT-proBNP along this disease journey.

We developed the cardiac explanatory film to tell the story of the Paul, the patient, and the management of his chronic heart failure. We developed the script based on the campaign narrative and created a friendly, approachable and relatable illustration style and animation to fit with the campaign messaging, to share hope. The story of Paul helps patients see that they can live a full life with better patient management of chronic heart failure through regular visits to a cardiologist and the use of cobas® h 232 to monitor NT-proBNP

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