2023/24 Campaign: Own Tomorrow

Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology

South Africa

Richfield is an accredited private college that has been embedded in the South African higher education landscape for over 32 years, with 8 campuses nationwide. They offer qualifications in Information Technology, Business Management Sciences and Public Management, giving students the opportunity to specialise in various fields such as IT, Marketing Management, Accounting, Economics, Human Resources and Public Management. Richfield has made it a mission to empower young people throughout the academic journey by offering more than just a degree. This means career development opportunities on top of the student’s qualification, working with organisations such as IBM, AWS, CISCO, Oracle, and CIMA to enhance technological, digital, and critical thinking skills that will make students ready for the job market.  

HKLM’s strategic & creative relationship with Richfield has spanned over 6 years, handling all brand and marketing material to ensure their mission is felt and lived out. The 2023/24 campaign was a way for Richfield to evolve the messaging approach and positioning to target a different audience while showcasing improved offering and qualifications. HKLM then created a 360° marketing campaign that focused on making the student the main character. Through strategic branding, the marketing material would showcase Richfield as the guiding light leading them to the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow.

Outside of its physical purpose, light has a deeper meaning within humanity. When we shine a light on something, its shapes and details are revealed instantly. Metaphorically, light acts as a guide towards what the future holds, helping us to see and understand who we really are. Once more, it acts as a source of insight into what’s possible for us as individuals. Using the torch within the Richfield identity as inspiration, we introduced a graphic device representing one moving from a place of uncertainty to a place of surety about what the future holds, thanks to the guiding light that Richfield provides. Richfield helps students to Own Tomorrow by lighting the way to a career filled with possibility and opportunity.

Another way we looked at this concept is the idea around how darkness keeps one stagnant. Given the socio-economic landscape South Africa has found itself in, it’s easy to see no way around the situation. However, education has the power to move one out of that darkness into a place where the future is plainly lit. When the future is clear, one becomes limitless and boundless.  

Light acts as a guide towards what the future holds, helping us to see and understand who we really are.

Using the ‘Own Tomorrow’ brand messaging, we worked around what Own Tomorrow means for various people who have their own ideas of success, exploring the subjective nature of success and how it varies from person to person. Success in itself is determined by internal factors such as happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction, and meaning. Accompanying these factors are individual challenges and obstacles that one faces along the way, which may affect how fast they get to the finish line. Ultimately, we found that every individual wishes to attain a future that speaks to their personal aspirations, only then will the light truly have defined meaning.

To accompany the copy, we used eye-catching visuals that represent the various meanings of owning your tomorrow, such as starting a business, breaking generational curses, or finding your passion. The visuals are designed to appeal to the emotions and aspirations of the potential student, as well as to showcase the diversity and richness of Richfield’s offerings.  

Street poles are usually displayed amongst high-speed/high traffic areas, meaning advertising has to get the point across as quickly as possible. Our approach for the street poles was to keep it simple and affective by speaking to Richfield’s various qualifications, specialisations, campus locations, and messaging around Richfield’s distance and contact learning offerings to communicate the flexibility of the institution when it comes to learning

The campaign extended into printed brand and marketing materials such as prospectuses, brochures and leaflets, communicating the various offerings that Richfield provides.

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