Glo App Development

Glo briefed HKLM to deploy a team and travel throughout the region photographing Glo and competitor sites and compile a detailed monthly report covering site condition and product / service messaging for analysis.

HKLM proposed a simpler, more cost-effective solution: The development of a customised, secure mobile phone app and website where Glo field staff are able to photograph Glo and competitor sites and upload the geo-tagged image to a website for analysis by management.

Glo field users have been issued with a smart phone with the pre-loaded app. The user takes a photograph of the billboard and uploads the image to the website which provides the user’s name, time/date of photograph, and position on Google Map.

Management are able to view each of the 300+ sites immediately after upload and assess each billboard for condition and messaging. The map-view enables management to analyse competitor location, distribution and campaigns by country, region, city or suburb. Additional functionality enables management to load each site’s administrative and contractual details, resulting in an innovative and far more effective solution to client.

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