Naked Retreats

HKLM Cape Town was briefed to develop a brand strategy and identity for the Naked Retreats group, with the focus being on a pre-sales brochure for Naked Stables Reserve in Moganshan that opened 2011. The new identity and brand had to offer clients a glimpse on word-class, luxurious services that not only sustains the environment, but enhances it.

Naked's two core offerings ‒ a state of mind and a commitment to sustainability ‒ come to life in its locations. As such, HKLM used images of the Naked destinations to form the base for the visual language ‒ offering multiple glimpses of the Naked state of mind.

By using different seasonal tones and images, HKLM communicated the various elements that make up the Naked brand. Each element of the visual language represents the four cornerstones of the brand identity: holistic experiences, responsible thinking, true people and ultimate locations; and as a whole, it communicates the essence of the Naked brand.

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